It only separates you from the handing over of your work and you want to be sure that everything works out? Academic writing emphasizes the uniqueness of the text and the question of self-performance. For this reason, it is necessary to examine any scientific work for plagiarism.

Unfortunately, the dishonesty of writing and publishing academic writing is a frequently discussed topic. To avoid such inconvenience and to be sure of the quality of your own writing, plagiarism testing is the best provisional control you need for your work.

Have the plagiarism check done before your university gets the job

Before a student submits his or her scientific work, it makes no sense to first subject this to a best plagiarism test. We provide you with such service and now we want to make clear how it works and why it is so important.

The term plagiarism means the copying and using of someone else’s material without quotations and sources. Self-plagiarism, translations and paraphrasing are also among its types. Therefore, if you check a bachelor thesis for plagiarism, the plagiarism in all its forms is inadmissible.

Thanks to constant modernization and the possibility of having a lot of texts for comparison, today there are many software products that can do plagiarism testing quickly and sometimes even for free. In this regard, it would also be useful to consider the advantages and disadvantages of such automation.

Some peculiarities of plagiarism:

  • Percent results – compared to the whole text
  • Search for literal similarities
  • possible false alarms, e.g. citations
  • Form errors (phrases, references)
  • Comparative sources are often only content freely available on the Internet
  • Only texts and no bends are checked
  • Plagiarism report is not always a constructive text feedback

As for the plagiarism check from a practical point of view, there could be many helpful moments as well as pitfalls here. And the brief overview of their features proves that. Apart from the issues discussed, plagiarism testing is just as important to students.

The most important thing for those who are interested is: how do academic experts check my diploma thesis or dissertation and whether it pays off to do a plagiarism check?

There has been a great deal of discussion on how to best and easily eliminate any plagiarism and what needs to be checked. Unfortunately, such a guarantee and security is a crucial issue for academic writing.

Reflecting on how far the dishonesty of writing could go, and which ways were invented for it, how many texts were reformulated to death or translated with a good sense of language, can take years and bring no result. Technical development helps careful scientists, but no computer creates the work for which only the academic memory of space would be most applicable.

Why does such problem arise anyway? Especially if it has such serious consequences and spoils the scientific system!

Lack of time

Of course, that’s no reason for plagiarism and no excuse, but under the pressure of time sometimes crazy things happen

Lack of proper care

If something is not forbidden, it may be allowed for some. It is also interpreted as “not said”, “not warned”, “not paying attention”. Lack of knowledge can drive you on a bad joke.


One always seeks the shortest way, that is human nature. But it does not mean that it has to add to lies and crimes in academic settings. What about the remorse?

Lack of services

It is not clear to everyone that it is simply not suitable for the great scientific future. Or that one does not give enough trouble.

Uncertainty, ambition and stubbornness – no matter how uncontrollable the situation seems to be. Do not be discouraged and choose balanced and risk-free ways to reach your goal. Plagiarism is a stumbling block for both hard-working and not attentive students when they check a chores on plagiarism as well as for proper lazy socks.

So metaphorically and ironically, we came to the idea that there is hardly 100 percent safety, if one relies only on an online service. Here, such academic services as editing, proofreading do not seem so additional and desirable to be excessive. Not true?

And if you play it safe with finished work, then with a licensed and professional software product. We will gladly provide you with such information as we have a lot of experience and know best how to best test your work.

We will make a plagiarism report for you from one of the best licensed softwares, with which several colleges and universities work and which has an unsuspected source of comparison.

In addition, after making such a report, you can have your work improved, we can do that for you as well. How is such a need in question? This is the principle of plagiarism testing:

Percentage of similarities has yet to be carefully monitored. It can be wrong citation, three or more consecutive words that are normal and logical word order and not your own or someone else’s idea.

The experienced examiner reads the plagiarism report and thus has only one raw material for constructive and professional feedback. This comes only in combination with a scientific editing, will contain stylistic and structural recommendations.

If you have been assisted while writing, the Plagiarism Check also confirms that the work is really plagiaristic and is reported extensively in the PDF file.

Sometimes the problem could be hidden much deeper than expected. No software can find an idea plagiarism. Here you simply have to be very well versed in a specialist area and be informed about lively publication activity, current topics in specific subject. No machine and no software from a genius are up to this task, but you need a real professional who has not even managed such proofreading and improvements successfully.

A controversial topic of plagiarism causes a headache and is of course not resolved with this letter. We would like to inform you that you do not have to deal with this topic alone. And if you need a qualitative plagiarism check for a bachelor thesis or a project, please contact our agency.

Before your work is submitted, or after you have received feedback from the professor or lecturer, we will not let you down and do the best plagiarism check that is worthy of your work.

Do not be afraid to trust a professional writing agency, we offer extensive help and exactly in your case we will find the best solution!

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